5 Ways to Improve Your Website

June 11, 2018

1. Mobile first

As we mentioned in our article “Generation Z: a different approach to patient retention and loyalty,” today’s world is driven by “mobile first” approach. Therefore, the majority of patients will interact with your website on their smartphones.

People seek instant rewards, and they don’t want to spend time browsing. It specifically relates to younger generations. The majority says that they would leave the website if they do not find it user-friendly, even if they liked and picked your clinic first.

What does it mean?

Your custom dental website does not only has to have a mobile-friendly version, but the information that users see needs to have a specific format as well. Primary services have to be seconds away from the main page, text boxes need to be as brief and concise as possible, and there has to be enough free space, so the customer doesn’t need to spend more than 5 seconds to see what they are looking for. Such simple measures can drastically increase your website’s turnover and customer satisfaction.

2. Track users’ behavior

Another useful tool at your disposal is Google Analytics. It allows you to track not only how many users visit your website and when they do so, but also activity on specific pages.

It can help you see how many out of the total users make it to your scheduler page, or even how many patients who scheduled an appointment came back to the website afterward (to schedule the second appointment for example). It can show problems that occur on the website such as “90% of users don’t go past the main page”. Thus, it can help identify particular problems in design and informativeness of specific pages.

3. Be responsive

Scheduling, FAQ, emails; your patients will expect to get answers 15 minutes before they even thought of their question. People online have no patience, so it’s up to you to keep track of what is happening on your website and respond to any occurring questions. If you do not have the time to keep track of it on a daily basis, it is essential to assign this task to your assistant.

Connectivity is a core for building lasting relationships with your patients through the website. Pay close attention to what your patients ask as it may point out to many flaws in informativeness of the website as well.

4. Make the most of social media.

While it may not seem directly related to your website management, social media is the main component in driving people to visit your website. Most of the traffic that goes to websites nowadays does so through social media referrals. Thus, managing social media and adding links to your website there makes a huge difference when it comes to attracting new patients.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, there are plenty of options out there. Pick whichever fits you and maintain activity there on a regular basis. With time, you will observe higher responsiveness from your audience. Even such simple posts as “what is our clinic like” play an essential role in your website traffic. People want to see you as a person and not just their potential doctor.

5. Create call to action

People prefer to follow instructions rather than discover things on their own. It is simple. It is convenient. It is what you need to do.

So if there is anything you want people to do using your website – tell them. Straight-forward messages in a case like that will prove to be the most effective choice. Create a call to action button, discount offers, maybe even contests for your users. When we look at a possibility to win something, we rarely take into account real odds of doing so. If you play on it and ask people to do something simple, they will do it without thinking twice.


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