Benefits of Mobile Technologies Implementation for Dentists

June 20, 2018

A mobile application is beneficial to any dental office that is trying to move their business to the next level. It helps clinics keep up with the progress of our modern society while minimizing costs of some essential services. Moreover, a mobile app for dental practice increases patient’s engagement with the service by providing useful information and consultations when necessary.

We have found most essential benefits of mobile app implementation for dental clinics:

Boost Your Front Desk “Game”

The front desk has a patient on the line. There couldn’t be a better time to optimize clinic’s processes than this. Appointment scheduling presents an opportunity to maintain a long-term relationship by providing exceptionally professional communication service.

Does your clinic have a system that recognizes patients by their phone number providing their bio to the receptionist’s screen? Automatically attempts to schedule them for regular checkups and notifies of appointment time slots through the mobile app? Bond with them over a recent birthday or other events? Mobile technologies are increasingly popular. Why? Due to the convenience, they bring to us. Receptionists in most clinics would ask a patient to name themselves and then search the profile in the system. It takes valuable time out of the patient’s life.

Optimize Communication to Meet Patient’s Needs

A personalized mobile app could allow your dental professionals and staff to communicate to patients directly at any time that suits them. A mobile app that enables the doctor to make patient follow-up calls and access the schedule on the go boosts effectiveness as well. Moreover, when the front desk can take calls anytime, from their smartphone, all the stuff becomes more effective and efficient at scheduling and answering the phone or returning patient calls after hours.

Maybe one of the dentists has 30 minutes between appointments. They can pick up their smartphone and spend this time in communication with other patients. Maybe some of the patients have questions regarding their latest visit. Alternatively, what if a patient has a problem that does not require an appointment at all and can be resolved by a 5-minute conversation with his dentist?

Provide Pre and Post-treatment Instructions

Since taking care of our tooth seems like a simple routine, it only becomes salient at times when problems arise. However, a mobile app can assist your patients in pre and post-treatment periods. Very often, people don’t know how to manage their, so they resort to self-treatment before visiting a dentist. In fact, it results in the worsening of the symptoms and further complications of treatment.

Thus, a mobile application can serve as an excellent source of information for your patients. You can deliver instructions on dental care directly to their smartphones in just one click. Dental professionals can advise patients on how to manage their dental problems before the appointment and also, answer any questions regarding post-treatment care.

Moreover, a mobile app can come in handy in emergency cases. If a patient has severe tooth pain but the appointment is not available until the next day, they can describe the problem in detail with the dentist. This helps the doctor to provide more accurate and useful immediate instructions.

Improve Data Accessibility  

A mobile application can include electronic patient cards and all the information regarding previous visits. It is convenient for both patients and dentists.

Having a full patient’s medical history just one click away allows dentists to receive information about previous treatments, allergic predispositions, and responses to particular medicine for each patient. On the other hand, patients have access to their appointments, medications and their volumes used, therefore being able to control what they paid for and estimate future expenses as well.


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