Create an efficient digital ecosystem and a secure infrastructure for your dentistry practice

June 07, 2018

Building digital ecosystem is essential but not simple. Uniting all the services and data in one place can help to expand the capabilities of the business. However, if done without proper expertize, it causes more problems than gains. Today, “In essence, the digital revolution has become the digital evolution. New advances in technology mean that businesses need to keep pace faster and faster if they want to survive in the world of Big Data” – Forbes.

Technologies can solve problems before we know that such problems existed. Moreover, as such technological advancements are perceived as too complicated by many, implementation of digital ecosystems in your organization provides a significant competitive advantage.

What is a digital ecosystem?

The word ecosystem has become a buzzword used to describe most of the digital tools in various organizations. However, the popularity of the work does not ensure that everyone who uses it understands the definition to the core. Most likely, it creates the opposite effect. The word gets overused in the digital world today, but very few of the people who operate it know what digital ecosystems consist of.

Essentially, it is a tool that increases the efficiency of your interactions with those outside the company and improves performance. An ecosystem is “a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

Thus, a digital ecosystem is an interconnection between the different departments or levels of management in your organization that allows for fluid and efficient communication and transfer of data. It brings your employees' skills sets together to improve organization's performance. However, to establish it, digital management team continually works on the ways each part of the system communicates to others to ensure the highest efficiency and eliminate any inconveniences or mistakes.

According to Futurice, there are 4 essential components to initiating and creating an innovative digital ecosystem:

  • People
  • Culture
  • Framework
  • Infrastructure

Why is it essential to have everything in one place?

Imagine this for a second: you take an X-ray for one of your patients. After examining it, you determine the problem and proceed to the treatment. However, you also spot a problem that needs further examination by, let’s say, your clinic’s orthodontist. With just a couple of clicks, patient’s X-ray is sent to the orthodontist. They are notified, and this task is automatically added to their schedule. The orthodontist identifies that there is indeed a problem. With one click, they send the description of the problem and their schedule to the receptionist who, in their turn, calls the patient and informs them about the necessity of another appointment.

The whole process requires minimal effort when it comes to data sharing. The dentist, orthodontist, and receptionists all see the same information, only modified by whoever took a look at it last. The work is efficient and effective and, most importantly, it doesn’t take too much time out of doctors’ regular schedule.

This is digital ecosystem at work.

Building such connections will, undoubtedly, increase the productivity of the clinic. Adding local dentist services, one by one results in the complete and united ecosystem. It is easy to use. It is fast, and it is consistent.


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