Digital Tools and Patients’ Retention

November 05, 2018

Do you want to retain your patients at any cost or do you prefer to create their loyalty using the mosaic of digital tools available today? Smart and sophisticated solutions combined depending on your practice needs and particularities can create great outcomes.

Use a combination of the following tools to get the best possible results:

  • Software for recall email, holiday reminders, special offer reminders, SMS reminders
  • Software for dental patient satisfaction surveys
  • Smartly integrated scheduling systems

Recall System Advantages

  • Returning patients
  • Productive schedule
  • Hygiene appointments that generate your clinical appointments
  • Retention maintenance through bringing patients in for their regular checkups
  • Consistent communication
  • Loyalty creation

SMS Reminders

  • SMS messages can be sent instantly or scheduled in advance
  • SMS messages are flexible for planning and handy for last minute reminders
  • SMS reminders don’t need to be more than a few words long
  • SMS reminders should confirm the location, date and time of the appointment
  • SMS reminders are the perfect communication solution
  • SMS reminders are cost effective and reach your patients without overloading their inbox

Digital tools used for SMS notifications

Some SMS reminders:

  1. Hello {Patient Name}! We’re looking forward to seeing you on {Date/Time}. Just wanted to make sure you still have this in your calendar.
  2. Hello, this is {Name of Practice}, we have you schedule for an appointment on {Date/Time}. We are excited to see you! Does this time still work for you?
  3. Just a friendly reminder of your appointment tomorrow at {Time}. Look forward to seeing you then! {Office Name}
  4. This a reminder about your appointment with {Doctor’s Name} on {Date/Time}. To reschedule, please call {Office Name}.

Some Email reminders:

  1. Dear {Customer Name}, This a reminder about your appointment on {Date/Time}. We look forward to seeing you then! If for some reason you can’t make it, please reply to this email. Sincerely, {Practice Name}
  2. Appointment Reminder! Don’t forget your appointment with Dr. {Doctor Name} on {Date/Time}.To reschedule, call {Office Number}
  3. {Customer Name}, We’re excited to see you in our office {Date/Time}! Please click the “reply” button and write us a quick note on how excited you are to come in too! Thanks, {Practice Name}

Pre-visit information email letting your patient know what they should expect during their visit to your clinic

  1. Take care of your patients and help them get ready to their future appointments.
  2. Send your patient a reminder email 1 week, 3 days and 1 day before his/her visit to the dental clinic.
  3. Write a short description of an upcoming procedure.
  4. Explain if he/her will need sedation and if it will be necessary for them to ask their family or friends to come and take them home after a procedure.
  5. Remind them to bring their health insurance cards and, if applicable, any other documents they may need.
  6. Provide a reminder regarding the payment methods they can use (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc.) just in case they could change their mind because of financial difficulties.
  7. Add information about available financing for dental procedures (if applicable).

More digital tools used for emails, SMS, recalls

Smartly integrated scheduling systems

  • Give your patient an opportunity to schedule a visit via your website
  • They should be able to choose a doctor, a procedure and 3 time options via your website
  • Your patients should receive an email confirmation of an appointment with a notice that they will receive a final confirmation by phone
  • This approach will give you an opportunity to avoid scheduling conflicts
  • Call them back after a reasonable delay
  • If you don’t have the possibility of scheduling visits automatically via your website, try different scheduling solutions

Digital tools used for online scheduling

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By Elena Pomazanova,  a Dentist.Business Owner

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