The average dentist converts only 25% of their patients’ calls into actual patients

October 10, 2018

Scheduling techniques optimization... Could you imagine that the average dentist converts only 25% of his patients' calls into actual patients? Have you ever been thinking about scheduling as a crucial dental practice element?

Since 2016, our team has questioned more than 150 dental practices in North America to understand which problems they and their practices face. We learned that there is a high competition, saturation of dental practices all over the US and Canada, patients’ retention problems, scheduling techniques optimization need, new marketing and digital marketing tools to be implemented.

Here are some tips helping you to convert calls into patients: 

New patient scheduling rule: 24-48 hours

Make room in your schedule to have the ability to see new patients within 24-48 hours after their initial call.

Don’t ask, but guide 

Guide them like:  “We can get you in at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Does that work? Great, I’ll see you then!”

Always call to confirm an appointment

Even if you use automated texts and emails, always call your patients to confirm an appointment.

Don’t ask, but tell

Don’t call and ask if they’re still coming. Confirm their visit.

“Hi Mary! This is your confirmation call from ABC Dental. We’re looking forward to seeing your tomorrow at 9!”

Don’t charge a cancellation fee

It is not worth it, especially for new patients’ initial visits.


Do you know what is the most expensive thing in your dental office? It is an empty chair.

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No more empty chairs in your dental office!

By Elena Pomazanova,  a Dentist.Business Owner

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