How Operational Management, Budgeting and Forecasting can make your practice more successful

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Dr. Paul J. Pavlik

Dr. Paul J. Pavlik



You’ll find all of the lessons you need to get a basic understanding of Operational Management business principles and how to successfully prepare Budgeting and Forecasting to improve the financial success of your dental practice!

Course content:


You’ll hear more about my practice experiences and how they made me realize I needed a more solid foundation in business. I’ll present an example of how my new business skills allowed me to make better decisions regarding acceptance of dental insurance programs in my practice; this information should help in your dental practice, too.


You’ll receive an in-depth presentation on Operational Management and how to develop a strategy to maximize profits.


Learn why Budgeting is necessary for strong financial planning. Then, you’ll discover how to model, plan and control a Budget.


After you have gained an understanding of Budgeting, you will find out how a tool called Forecasting can allow you to fine-tune the Operational Management of your practice as inevitable changes occur. You’ll learn how to prepare a dental practice Forecast and Practice Analysis that will allow you to visualize your progress quickly and easily.

At one of my seminars, I asked 40 dentists for a show of hands of those who did budgets; only one responded with a “yes”. Do you apply this basic Operational Management skill in your dental practice? Successful companies do – why not dentists?

You need to be able to gain a better understanding of how you can accurately predict and react to the opportunities and consequences of changes, anticipated or not, so that you can make intelligent business decisions and increase profits.

Educational objectives:

  • To teach you how to develop routines and interpret readily available business information for improving the practice’s business outcomes.
  • To demonstrate how to properly react to the ever-changing financial environment as it constantly changes.
  • To discover how you need to spend an hour each month understanding your financials instead of days, or worse, not understanding them at all.

Teaching methods to be used:
Self-instructional & electronically mediated (online education)


Program provider:
Enterprise Dentist.Business Inc. (another legal name is Dentist.Business)

Contact person:
Olga Babina, Manager, Administration, Operations, Educational Programs;

Course instructor:
Dr. Pavlik graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. As a dental practitioner and business professional with more than 40 years’ experience, he has “walked the walk” and understands the daily and long-term responsibilities involved in running a dental practice.

He established his distinctive practice management programs to help other dentists achieve financial success. Dr. Pavlik has consulted with practices from 2 - 600 employees.

Refund and cancellation policies:
If you would like to withdraw from a course, please submit a written notice at least three business days before the course begins to be eligible for a full refund of the chosen courses, excluding a $50 administration fee. No refund will be made for cancellations received later than three business days before the course begins.


Anytime, as per subscription


Time and period of availability for internet-based courses:
3 years

Original release date:
June 2019

Review date:
June 2020

Expiration date:
July 2022

Technical requirements:
Users must have a modern browser and Internet connection. The online education platform is compatible with any standards-compliant: modern web browser:

  • Desktop (Chrome, Firefox, Safari (8 or higher), Edge, Internet Explorer (11 or higher))
  • Mobile (Mobile Safari, Google Chrome)
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